Will older Apple Watch Bands Fit Newer Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 6

Technology gets upgraded very quickly, in some cases on a daily basis even. This leaves people with the frequent problem of owning obsolete devices and gadgets that they need to get rid of to make room for the newest cutting-edge models. One question that Apple Watch users tend to have is whether the old Apple watch bands will fit the new Apple Watch Series 6?

Luckily, the answer is a simple “yes”. There are some differences between the designs of the Apple Watch – the newest models come with a case size of 40mm or 44mm. And even though the older watch bands come in sizes like 38mm or 42mm – these differences are minor enough not to make a difference.

What this means is that if you happen to own an older Apple watch band, you will easily be able to recycle it and use it on your new Apple Watch Series 6.

The Apple Watch Series 6 case size is almost identical to previous models

A good thing about the design of the Apple Watch during the years is that Apple doesn’t steer away from the winning formula. The case size of the older and newer models of the Apple Watch are very similar in size. So, if you happen to have a favorite watchband that you have used for your older model of Apple Watch – a watch band that perhaps has been discontinued in terms of production – you can use this watchband for your new Apple Watch Series 6.

This will remain to be the case until Apple engineers decide to make a turn in the design of the new Apple Watch models – by either making the case sizes comparatively a lot bigger or smaller in size. And, once again, given the track record of Apple’s engineers and all of the Apple Watch models until now – this is very much unlikely to happen in the near future. And even though the case sizes have been slightly increased, the strap sizes have remained the same.

A thing to note though is that not all of the older Apple watch bands will work with all of the newer Apple Watch models. You will first need to determine the size of the watchband and the size of the case of the Apple Watch that you own. For example, if you determine that the watchband is of a size of 38mm – then it will be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 6 bands with a case size of 40 mm. Conversely, if the size of your Apple watch band is 42mm, then it would fit the Apple Watch Series 6 model with a case size of 44mm.

Cutting down costs

Recycling the older Apple watch bands and reusing them with the newest Apple Watch models is one way to cut down on costs. And if you want to get a brand-new Apple watch band, then you can easily purchase one from a retail store. Remember, regardless of the size of the watchband, it will still fit the newer case sizes with the rule of thumb that the 38mm watch band goes with the 40mm Apple Watch, and the 42mm watch band goes with the 44mm Apple Watch.