How to Protect your Leather Apple Watch Band

The leather band for an Apple Watch is a very popular choice among people. This is due to the fact that it provides an optimal mix of comfort and stylishness – you can wear it casually but it also fits a more formal occasion. That being said, if you wish to prolong the longevity of the leather band and if you wish to keep it sparkly clean, then you will need to protect it and take care of it. And this article will give you the exact things that you need to do in this regard. So, let’s get to it.

First thing’s first, you must do a round of cleaning of your leather band. And we recommend that you do so every two weeks or so. If you wish to clean your leather Apple Watch band properly, then all you need to do is follow the simple steps that we have outlined for you below:

  • First, remove the watchband from the Apple Watch. Do so in a gentle fashion, as if you aren’t careful you can damage it. Then, grab a microfiber cloth – use it to clean the two sides of the strap. Make sure that the cloth is dry. With the cloth, you will be able to remove any dirt on the watchband.
  • For this step, you will need a jewelry cloth. You will need to put just a bit of hand soap – to the size of a small coin - on the cloth before cleaning. And then use gentle movements to remove any trapped dirt, being careful not to cause any scratch-damage to the watchband.
  • Now, you should get a damp cloth. It’s important to make the cloth damp – but not soaked in water. Excess water can damage the leather watchband. Once you get a damp cloth, use measured movements to clean the leather band and remove the soap residue – once again being careful not to damage the watchband in any way.
  • Finally, it’s time to dry out the leather band. Don’t use any artificial means to dry the watchband – like blow-driers, for example. Also, do not put the watchband in direct sunlight or over any source of heat. This can damage the leather watchband. It’s best to store it in a cool, dark place for a while until it naturally dries out on its own.

If you follow the steps above, you will have your leather Apple Watch band sparkling clean and looking good. As mentioned before, you will need to do this process every two weeks or so for an optimal effect.

But this doesn’t conclude the list of all the steps that you can take for the purpose of protecting your leather Apple Watch band. There are other things that you should do, too. 

For example, you can make it a habit to polish your leather watchband every time it gets dry. It’s very important to use a polishing solution that’s specifically made for watchbands – as if you use a polishing solution made for furniture, for example, you can damage the watchband. Use a clean cloth to rub the solution into the band for a while. Then leave it to dry out on its own. Don’t forget to closely follow all of the instructions that you will get when you purchase the polishing solution.

The next step that you can take to protect your leather Apple Watch band is to make it waterproof. Leather is a natural material – and, as such, it’s not waterproof. To be frank, there’s nothing that you could do to make the leather completely waterproof – but you can make the leather watchband waterproof to an extent. To do this, you will need a leather watch waterproof protection solution.

The best timing to apply this solution is right after you have cleaned the leather band. This will make sure that there isn’t any dirt trapped beneath the leather watch waterproof protection solution. This is typically a spraying solution – so you can spray it easily on your leather band. After you do this, leave the leather band in a cool place to dry out for 30 minutes or so. Use a clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe the watchband afterward. If you apply the leather watch waterproof protection solution properly, then this should buy you 2 weeks or so of water resistance. However, in any event, if your leather watchband should come in contact with water, you should use gentle rubbing motions with a damp cloth to soak some of the water – and then let the watchband dry out naturally in the air.

Below you will find an additional list of a few tips that you can use to protect your leather Apple Watch band and increase its longevity.

  • In most cases, you can use the same polishing solution that you use on your shoes – and use it on your leather watchband. Make sure that the solution’s instructions don’t forbid you to do this, though. So, once every fortnight, you could polish your shoes and your leather Apple Watch band at the same time – using the same polishing solution.
  • When considering the size of the strap, it’s always smarter to make it a bit looser than to make it a bit tighter on your wrist. Of course, don’t make it too loose so as for it to become uncomfortable for you to wear the Apple Watch. But the reasoning behind this is, the tighter the leather band, the more undue strain will it have to resist. In time, it will get damaged. So, it’s smart to err more on the side of looseness than of tightness when it comes to your leather Apple Watch band.
  • It’s a smart thing to have a backup leather Apple Watch band. If you use the same watchband all the time, then it will start to deteriorate a lot quicker than if you swap two or more different watchbands on the same Apple Watch. Not to say that it can be quite useful for you to change your Apple Watch style every now and then to keep your looks fresh and elegant.
  • If you have put your leather watchband in direct sunlight or in an area of high humidity for prolonged periods of time, then you should let the watchband “rest” for a while in a cool and dark place. The inside of a drawer would be perfect for this. Leather doesn’t do well in highly-humid places and heat – so, if you want to increase its longevity, you should do your best to keep the leather watchband away from these kinds of conditions.
  • It also wouldn’t be a smart thing to do for you to do your cleaning and chores while you wear the leather Apple Watch band. You’re likely to encounter various chemicals when cleaning – and this won’t do your leather band a lot of good. Not only that – but you could also cause mechanical damage to the watchband by accidentally scratching it as you clean. So, you should remove the watchband every time you intend to do any physical or cleaning activities around your home.

Conclusion – Keeping your leather Apple Watch band safe and sound

One additional thing that we recommend you do to protect your leather Apple Watch band is to purchase a waterproof, crushproof container for it. These can be found relatively cheap in various stores – and they are a life-saver in certain scenarios when otherwise you would cause irreparable damage to the watchband. It’s a smart investment, by any means.

Other than that, follow the advice above and you will prolong the life of your leather watchband for a long time. Make sure to clean it using microfiber cloths and gentle rubbing motions every two weeks or so – and place a conditioner occasionally to keep the watchband’s look sparkling. Also, as an additional precaution, you would do well to put a water-protection solution on your leather watchband so as to prevent any water damage.

But no matter what you do, the watchband will begin to deteriorate given enough time – even if you follow all the measures and precautions to protect it. Once you witness this level of deterioration, it may be the smartest thing to do to purchase another leather Apple Watch band. Until then - follow the advice above and you will be able to effectively protect your leather Apple Watch band as much as possible.