How to Clean Your Leather Apple Watch Band

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular models of smartwatches in the entire world. Millions of people use this device and wear it on their hands due to its functionality and sleek design – and this is the main reason as to why all the Apple products and the Apple brand is so popular with people of all walks of life. However, regardless of how nice it looks initially, the Apple Watch will eventually start to get dirty in time. This especially holds true for the Leather Apple Watch Band. So, if you want to keep your Apple Watch in tip-top shape, you’ll need to clean the leather band once in a while.

That being said, we’ll mention a word of caution here. The official position of Apple is that the customers should only use the watch bands that are designed by Apple. And this is due to the fact that there are many other companies that create watchbands specifically for the Apple Watch. They may seem like a better option since they’ll likely be cheaper to buy – however, there are potential disadvantages to this choice. You may get skin reactions and allergies, the watchbands may not be compatible with the Apple Watch Wrist Detect feature, the compass may become unusable, and, in extreme cases, the non-Apple band may even damage your Apple Watch. So, the smartest thing to do is to always buy Apple's official watchbands – as these are tailor-made for the Apple Watch.

And now, let’s get right to the root of the issue – we’ll provide you with a few simple steps that you can follow every time if you wish to clean your leather Apple Watch band.

How to Clean Apple Watch Leather Band

A simple method to clean the Leather Apple Watch Band

Below you will find a list of all the steps that you need to follow if you are to clean your leather Apple Watch band.

  1. Remove the watchband from the Apple Watch. This too is an easy process in and of itself – however, don’t estimate the importance of your focus and concentration while removing the watchband. If you fail to concentrate and aggressively remove the watchband – then you may end up physically damaging the watchband and the Apple Watch itself. It’s always smart to follow an official guideline and get the exact steps to remove and reattach the watchband to the Apple Watch.
  2. Get a non-abrasive, lint-free towel or cloth. You will use this cloth to clean the watchband. Always use gentle motions only – failing to do this may smudge and scratch the watchband and make it permanently damaged in this sense. If you see that there is a lot of dirt on the watchband that you can’t remove with a dry cloth – then you should *slightly* dampen it with cool water before cleaning. The emphasis is on the word “slightly” as using too much water can once again be the cause of damage to your Apple Watch band.
  3. Once you clean the watchband and you’re satisfied with the result, you will need to let the watchband dry out. Don’t use any artificial ways to do this – as with a blow-dryer or another dry towel. The best thing to do in this sense is to leave the watchband to dry out in the air.
  4. Reattach your watchband to your Apple Watch – again, if you’re uncertain as to the exact steps that you need to take in order to do this, then feel free to consult another guide that will give you a foolproof method to safely reattach the watchband – just like you have safely removed the watchband previously.

And that’s all there is to it. We recommend that you clean the watchband with deliberate precision as if you aren’t careful you could do more harm than good. But again – don’t feel that cleaning the watchband is a difficult, time-consuming process.  Far from it being the case – you can remove, thoroughly clean and dry out, and reattach the watchband to the Apple Watch in a matter of minutes. Just follow the steps above and you’re good to go.

Things to be wary of when cleaning the leather Apple Watch band

Apart from the fact that many people erroneously use third-party cleaning products for the Apple watchband and then sulk when the damage is done – there are a few other things that you should be wary of. First, you should never store the leather band in direct sunlight – or high temperatures. Doing so for prolonged periods of time can damage it.

Next in line is the fact that you should never soak the watchband in water (or any other fluid). The leather Apple Watch band is *NOT* water-resistant and it can sustain serious damage by coming in contact with fluids. If you happen to accidentally pour water over the watchband, then remove it from the Apple Watch and immediately soak as much of the water as possible with a damp cloth, while being careful that you aren’t overzealous when soaking the water so as to cause additional mechanical damage. And then, as you’ve learned in the previous section, you should let the watchband dry out in the air for however long it takes.

You should never get the leather Apple Watch band in contact with water or other fluids – but you shouldn’t put it in overly humid conditions either. Follow the steps above and take the required precautions, and your leather Apple Watch band will serve you for a long time to come – being sparkly clean and shiny in the process.

Conclusion – a safe and quick way to clean the leather Apple Watch band

If you happen to have purchased a watchband for your Apple Watch from a third-party provider – then disregard all the advice from above. The third-party provider will have likely provided you with an instructional on how to clean the watchband – and it can involve various cleaning solutions and products.

However, if you have purchased a premium leather Apple Watch Band, then you only need to follow the steps and precautions above and you will do good in cleaning your product in a safe and effective way.

Clean Leather Apple Watch Band

If you’re an Apple Watch owner, then chances are that you have made this device a part of your overall style and how you carry yourself. Apple imbues all its products with a sleek, modern design, and this is what many people that use Apple products favor even over their functionality. If this is you – then you know how important it is to clean all your Apple products from time to time. 

We have already provided you with the few simple steps that you need to follow to clean your leather Apple Watch band, and the sole thing for you to do now is to implement them and be disciplined with your cleaning habit. Remember – don’t rush things out as this can cause some damage to the watchband – only do it if you have the time to do so and if you’re sufficiently alert and focused. By doing this, you will not only improve the longevity of your leather Apple Watch band, but you will also keep it looking good for a long time to come in the future.