2 Ways to Protect your Apple Watch Screen From Breaking


The Apple Watch screen is one of the most fragile parts of the device. Accidents do tend to happen and there are many people that have had the misfortune of breaking their Apple Watch screens. The smartest way to go about this problem is to prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place. And there are two main ways in which you can go about it – learn more below.

Get a Heavy Duty Apple Watch Band

The Apple Watch band is more than just about how it looks. It will also help secure the device on your wrist – and even absorb part of the damage that may befall your Apple Watch screen. And this is one of the most important reasons why you’ll want to get a heavy-duty Apple Watch band.

If you get a regular Apple Watch band, then chances are that it too will serve you well. However, it won’t help you nearly as much as the heavy-duty version when it comes to the protection of your screen. The heavy-duty watch band will be held firmly around your wrist – and the risk of the band breaking loose and letting the Apple Watch fall on the ground will be practically non-existent.

Sure, the heavy-duty Apple Watch band may cost a bit more than its counterparts. But if you consider the importance of the health of your Apple Watch screen, then you’ll realize that it’s a worthy investment. Even if your Apple Watch happens to fall on the ground, then some of the shock may be absorbed by the heavy-duty watch band – and this may just be well enough to prevent any serious damage befalling your Apple Watch screen.

Get a Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch glass screen protector is a small device that’s big just enough to cover the Apple Watch screen. It will add an additional layer of protection for the Apple Watch screen – while maintaining its full functionality and elegant looks. If you install the Apple Watch screen protector, then it will become a lot more difficult for you to scratch or break the screen as the screen protector can absorb a lot of damage before finally giving out. And the good part is that the screen protector is not an expensive part by any means – you can get it for cheap. But the protection that it will give to the Apple Watch screen will be invaluable – and it may very well help you save the screen from damage on multiple occasions. 


If you follow the advice from above and get a heavy-duty Apple Watch band alongside a glass screen protector – then your Apple Watch screen will become nearly impenetrable. Of course, it won’t be 100% unbreakable, but the degree of damage from falls and scratches that it will take as compared to an unprotected Apple Watch screen will be dramatically lower. Both the glass screen protector and the heavy-duty Apple Watch band are an important, but cheap investment that you should definitely make if your goal is to protect your Apple Watch screen while still retaining its looks and functionality.